Mom’s Bag of Tricks

Recently, I had the blessing of being stranded in an airport due to a flight delay. As a person with a seemingly unending list of responsibilities, being stuck in an airport for any length of time, isn’t what I would normally refer to as a “blessing”, but somehow, this time was different. Although frustrating at first, as my mind began to settle, the moments gradually passed from one distraction to another, until each one became an unintended form of entertainment. And without realizing it … [Read More]

Parenting…On Both Fronts


The Baby Boom generation (1946-1964) is likely the first group of Americans – as a culture – to fully recognize and believe in the promise of “The American Dream”. During this time of great prosperity and economic growth, anyone from any background could dramatically improve their lifestyle with nothing more than hard work and desire. As a result, we were blessed with a nation of entrepreneurs whose challenge to mediocrity eventually led to better living conditions for the entire civilized … [Read More]

Death, Credit and Crooks

Death Credit image

The death of a spouse for many survivors will become a financially paralyzing event; because even with extraordinary planning, it can be emotionally difficult, if not impossible to begin working through tedious financial affairs while grieving. Yet without a proactive approach, we can quickly turn this fragile moment into an on-going dilemma with potentially dangerous financial consequences. Therefore by taking a closer look at some of our most basic decisions, such as maintaining joint … [Read More]

The Day After . . . Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow

If tomorrow morning became the unplanned moment of your last few words and final breath, what significance would all the days before have in the lives of those you’ve touched? And what would become of that significance the day after tomorrow, and the day after that? In most cases, it only takes a couple generations for our beloved patriarchs and matriarchs to simply become “our ancestors” – faceless names on a family chart – and only a couple more generations to be forgotten, completely. … [Read More]

How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

IdentityTheft image

Identity theft: By now most of us are aware of its destructive capabilities and potential long term impact on personal finances, credit scores, and good reputations.  However, we typically overlook the growing ease with which it occurs, due to the stealthier methods afforded by advancing technology.  “Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you.” (Prov. 2:11 NIV) This is a great verse, but in the context of identity theft, it may be one we've only applied to the surface. In … [Read More]