Legacy planning speaks to the transfer of your heart.

Estate Planning attends to the transfer of your assets.

A Family Story

  • "Through our sessions, our minds and hearts were opened about life and legacy both in the present and the future.
    We already had our wills & life insurance in place, but we still felt there was a huge missing piece.
    Through our spiritual legacy planning we now feel we are leaving more than money to our children, grandchildren and generations to come."

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About Guy

Entrepreneur, Author, Legacy Strategist & Coach

Guy Hatcher, also known as “The Legacy Guy” feels passionately called to help individuals, families, and businesses understand the importance of establishing and living-out a Godly legacy. For over twenty-five years, his rare ability to mediate and simplify complex corporate, financial, and relational issues in straightforward terms has enabled him to help thousands successfully build generational legacies.
The author of Your Future Reflection, Guy believes the true definition of legacy is demonstrated through the life you live as you use the gifts you are given and put actionable steps into completing your God-given life purpose and call. In his book he gives a roadmap to help you build the life and legacy you desire.
Guy is personally committed to creating a lasting legacy that will impact every person God places in his sphere of influence. He is passionate about his family as a dedicated Dad to his two children and a loving husband to his wife, Tamara

“What you do with and for your family echoes into future generations.”

- Guy Hatcher

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